Montague Trail Walk

This evening was beautiful and we went for a walk along the trail starting at Montague. It was a beautiful walk and very enjoyable. I brought along the camera to try and photograph as much as I could to help illustrate the shape of the land and the “feel” of the scene. Having now walked a couple of kilometeres in an out of the station I can say with little hesitation that this must be one of the most beautiful railway terminals anywhere. The view from the cab of a 70-tonner as it glided into Montague station must have been amazing.

Having now walked the site I’m now very confident that I want to model this. The whole scene just lends itself to modelling so very well. The site is narrow and fills a ledge between the water and a hill’s edge. The station site and approach was long and narrow yet still very visually interesting. I’m not sure if I want to do this in my native N scale as my mind wanders back into HO. I’m on the look out for an insurance map or anything that could help me to understand the track layout for the site.


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