Mount Albion on June 27, 2011

This is one of those things that I always promised myself I’d do and last week I did it. I pulled off the highway and photographed all four sides of this freight shed located in Mount Albion. This building is included in the 1974 list and the entry for Mount Albion shows the Public Siding as H055TT. The 1958 list shows the total car capacity for Mount Albion as being 13 cars. I distinctly remember seeing cars spotted at this building in the mid-1980’s. Spotted were two CN boxcars. I don’t have any pictures or notes about the cars but remember them as being just normal box cars decorated in the wet noodle scheme. I knew then that traffic on the Mount Herbert spur was rare and how unique an opportunity seeing these actually was. The building used to have a proper “CN Mount Albion” sign located on the west end of the building. The sign itself is long gone but it’s frame is still visible. The building is complete and in remarkable condition. I don’t recall it ever being painted though it must have been at some time.

Here’s the building’s location on a Google map:

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