1974 Sidings – Imperial Oil

Drilling down further into the list the next greatest concentration of sidings belongs to Imperial Oil. With no local sources of energy we’ve long imported our fuel and heating oil from the mainland. Imperial Oil is represented in the list with sidings in almost all the subdivisions with sidings found in:

  • Albany (Zone B)
  • Alberton (Zone D)
  • Charlottetown (Zone C), three separate sidings
  • Montague (Zone G)
  • Morell (Zone E)
  • Murray Harbour (Zone H)
  • O’Leary (Zone D)
  • Souris (Zone E)
  • Summerside (Zone A)

It’s hard to really derive a concentration of this siding by location on the Island but interesting to see that of the 11 sidings total, three are in Charlottetown and four were found along the Souris Subdivision.

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