1974 Sidings – Yard and Storage Trackage

Given that the largest proportion of sidings on PEI were designated as Public Sidings it’s interesting to note that the count of Public Sidings compared to the sum of all Yard and Storage Tracks is almost 3:1. In total there were 21 Yard Track and 20 Storage Sidings.

Since we can place where these were located it’s also really interesting to note that the distribution of these yard and storage tracks again defies typical model railway design. The greatest concentration of these sidings is found in Borden with the two major junctions (Emerald and Royalty) taking up the next greatest share. I think this is the first observation that really speaks to how much utility was actually designed into the railway. If I understand traffic flow over the Island railway as well as I like to pretend I do then it makes sense that yard and storage tracks were only placed where an overflow of cars might occur or where it would be the most “handy” to have extra cars placed in anticipation of their need without placing them where they’d be too hard to get at quickly. I think this also speaks to how short a period a car would sit still on the railway too.


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