CN Kensington Subdivision Zone D – 1974 Sidings List

This is copied from the 1974 sidings list I mentioned earlier. “SPINS Number” is the code being assigned in the new numbering program. These is the complete list of sidings covered under Kensington Subdivision (Zone D) as listed in the letter/file. As before, sidings terminating with the suffix “TT” are public sidings (“Team Tracks”). This zone covers trackage from Summerside to Tignish. This compliments Zone A which was among the first siding lists I posted when I started transcribing this list.

Kensington Subdivision
Zone D
Location Present Switch Zone & Track Number Designation SPINS Number
Summerside D 01 Express Shed D 001
D 02 Prince Edward Food D 002 PE
D 03 Canada Packers D 003 CP
St. Eleanors D 05 Public Siding D 005 TT
Linkletter D 07 Linkletter Farms D 007 LF
Linkletter Spur D 08 C.F.B. Spur Track D 008 GC
D 09 C.F.B. Supply Siding D 009 GC
D 11 Curran & Briggs D 011 CB
D 12 Curran & Briggs D 012 CB
D 13 Curran & Briggs D 013 CB
D 15 C.F.B. Coal Siding D 015 GC
D 16 C.F.B. Gas Siding D 016 GC
Miscouche D 20 Public Siding D 020 TT
D 21 Public Siding D 021 TT
St. Nicholas D 23 Public Siding D 023 TT
Wellington D 25 Public Siding D 025 TT
D 26 Public Siding D 026 TT
Richmond D 28 Public Siding D 028 TT
Northam D 30 Public Siding D 030 TT
Port Hill D 32 Public Siding D 032 TT
Ellerslie D 34 Public Siding D 034 TT
McNiell D 36 Public Siding D 036 TT
Conway D 38 Public Siding D 038 TT
Portage D 40 Public Siding D 040 TT
West Devon D 42 Public Siding D 042 TT
Coleman D 44 Public Siding D 044 TT
O’Leary D 46 Team Track D 046 TT
D 47 Team Track D 047 TT
D 48 O’Leary Co-op. D 048 OC
D 49A Public Siding (east end) D 049 TT
D 49B H.B. Willis D 049 HW
D 50 Imperial Oil D 050 IO
D 51 C.I.L. D 051 CI
Duvar D 54 Public Siding D 054 TT
Bloomfield D 56 Public Siding D 056 TT
D 57 Public Siding D 057 TT
Piusville D 59 Public Siding D 059 TT
Elsmdale D 61 Public Siding D 061 TT
Mill River D 62 H.B. Willis D 062 HW
Alberton D 63 Imperial Oil D 063 IO
D 64 Public Siding D 064 TT
Alma D 68A Hayes Paving D 068 HP
D 68B Public Siding D 068 TT
St Louis D 70 Public Siding D 070 TT
Harpers D 74 Public Siding D 074 TT
Tignish D 81 Public Siding D 081 TT
D 82 Public Siding D 082 TT
D 83 Public Siding D 083 TT

This also completes the entire project to key in these sidings. It’s been fun and I’ve been noting some other projects that would tie in nicely to this one as I go along. Since I’ve got all this stuff available digitally now I figure I’ll do some summary work on this list next and share that. Of course, I’m still really keen now to get going on the reefers in Charlottetown list that I’ve been mentioning.


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