Imperial Oil in Montague – where was it?

I should know this answer but I don’t. I know that cars sent for unloading at Imperial Oil in Montague were set out on G-034-IO and on that siding there was a hose connection to a pipeline under the river and across the harbour. While out walking along the trail last weekend I gazed across the water to see if I could spy where the pipeline would have led. I think I remember seeing oil tanks on the opposite side of the river but they are not there now. Did the line get pumped to the gas station at the bottom of the Wood Island Road?

Above is a Google “Street View” shot of the area today. Where I think I remember seeing the oil tanks would have been on the now vacant stretch of land below what is now the Garden of the Gulf Museum and the water’s edge.

While I’ve got Google standing on the new bridge over the river I figured we’d just pan the camera to show off the station site today:,+Prince+Edward+Island,+Canada&aq=4&sll=44.087585,-55.722656&sspn=38.965678,69.082031&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Montague,+Kings+County,+Prince+Edward+Island,+Canada&ll=46.163551,-62.64938&spn=0,0.004216&z=14&layer=c&cbll=46.163909,-62.647741&panoid=abEvYrKBTwU8mP42GHjyVg&cbp=12,32.71,,1,-1.95&output=svembed
View Larger Map

That has to be one of the prettiest station sites anywhere eh?

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