Montague Freight Shed Started

front wall

After a lot of thinking about how to go about this model I’ve decided to adapt an idea I’ve tried before to make panelled coach sides. The idea itself is one I got from an excellent OO9 modeller, check out his blog Bron Hebog, by clicking here. With any luck the blog will open at the page describing the method. I’ve decided to build this model almost board-by-board and I think the picture above  illustrates my method:

  1. I first taped a copy of the drawing to the back of a sheet of glass
  2. Next I taped my trusty Tamiya steel ruler along the top edge  of a wall and laid a strip of 0.020″ x 0.060″ alongside
  3. Starting at the left-most window I started laying in the wall cladding, first a 0.010″x0.040″ board and then a 0.020″x0.020″ batten. The battens are too wide but I think the effect is acceptable and I’m going to continue with it for the rest of the model.

Once all the walls are done I’ll build up a floor and the post foundation the prototype sat on. The walls are very thin so they will require bracing. If I do stick to my plan of modelling the seventies I am tempted to attempt building this shed with a little lean backward away from the river. These thin walls with some crafty bracing should facilitate that. Likely I’ll chicken out though and built the thing square – well as square as I ever can.

With any luck I’ll have the walls, minus windows and doors, laid out on the template tonight. Tomorrow morning I’d like to get up early enough to get the walls trimmed to their final size and up off the glass before we head out for the usual Saturday morning errands.

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