Layout planning based on 1922 insurance map

not to scale

This is based on a scan of a 1922 fire insurance plan of Montague. I brought in only the area around the station trackage and then scaled it, without any compression, to 1/160 for N scale. I am pleased to see that the whole station fits into an area of approximately 1′-0″ by 6′-6″ which fits my current space quite nicely. I’d like to rely on a plan like this to help as a foundation for layout planning though I know that much had changed on the site between 1922 and the 1970-72 desired era for my own layout.

To help understand the site I think I would like to find out who the general contractor for the major site renovations that occurred at Montague several years ago was. I think they should have completed a survey of the existing site which should be quite detailed and would be a tremendous planning aid in helping me to interpret the shape of the site as it was.


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