Freight shed walls ready

Thanks to Steve for sending me his drawings of the Montague freight shed. Seeing his excellent drawings it was easy to understand how the walls I was building needed to look and last night I cut the two outside walls and inserted an extra 10′-6″ to each. Now the freight shed should be pretty close to the correct length and it does look much better.

I lifted the walls themselves up off the glass as well and have trimmed them to their final shape. I’m pleased that despite their thin design they are reasonable robust for handling. With any luck I’ll have an hour this evening to do some work on the building. Next up to work on is the building’s base. I’ll make up a sub-floor and add in the posts and columns for the building to sit on. If all goes well I may see about doing something about the building’s core too. The walls that I have are thin and depend on being laminated to a heavier core for strength and they will warp badly if not braced properly – some of that warping began almost immediately once they were lifted off the glass.

I’ll have more pictures to post soon. Cheers.

Categories: PEIR Montague Subdivision, PEIR Structures

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