Rail weight?

Just musing about rail weights tonight and how they relate to which heights in model form. I’m quite a long way off from making any track but I like to think about it. I wanted to share this handy table from Rick Blanchard’s website:

I remember thinking that a lot of the Island’s track was laid, to the end, with 100lb rail. In N scale that’s best represented with code 40 rail and in HO that’s code 70. Funnily enough I have a quarter bundle left of code 55 and some lengths of code 83. Last fall I tried hand-spiking my own track in N using some of that code 55 and my own hand-cut ties and handmade spikes. With any luck I’ll be able to link back to the post where I first showed off this length of track.

Click here to read the original post

I’m still not sure what a decent subroadbed for this type of track construction should be and I’m still no further to settling on a preferred method of throwing a turnout in the smaller scales but that said I still really enjoy this aspect of the hobby and it’s fun to muse about a time when I start laying rails over which N scale 70 tonners will roll. Hopefully by this fall.


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