Andy Gautry’s new layout: “Wiley City”

I posted this earlier and just now realised that when I posted it from my iPod that it came through with the post’s title the same as the video that Andy posted to Youtube. I really like this little layout and the prototype it is based so as much as I wish it was mine, it is not. Just wanted to edit this post to clear up that error.


  1. Hey, nice layout…!!

    I’ve recently added a few more details and painted the backscene so the road doesn’t fall off the edge of the layout. I suppose that means it’s time for a new video….

    1. Thanks. I can get Continental Modeller’s sister magazine, Railway Modeller, here in Charlottetown. Continental Modeller is a little harder to get a hold of but I’ll keep an eye out for the article. Does the six foot length of the Wiley City layout include the fiddle yard?

      Back to the RMWeb threads. Thanks for the links.

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