More reefers on their way

All this looking into the prototype and I’m looking forward to more models too. This is the first larger N scale rolling stock purchase this year for me. In the spring I purchased my first N scale Intermountain box car and the car itself is really nice. This latest purchase is the start of a collection of their 40′-0″ reefers:

  • American Refrigerator Transit road #s 23805, 23958
  • Armour Refrigerator Line road #s 1852, 1900
  • MDT (White) road #s 9104, 9377
  • MDT (Orange) road #s 12025
  • Illinois Central road # 16337
  • 611xx 40′ Santa Fe reefer – Undecorated painted yellow, two cars

I’d like to find some more of the IC cars and I’ll likely never have too many of the MDT cars. I wonder if Intermountain ever released any painted for NRC?

I’m off to Halifax over the weekend and I’ll be on the lookout for some of the Model Power N scale reefers. Years ago I repainted and detailed a number of these and I was quite pleased with the results. With any luck I’ll find some more to use. I’m also on the hunt for some Z scale couplers. I’ve long wanted to try these on my N scale equipment but haven’t yet.


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