I’m keying in some more cars from the notebooks this evening for a little bit and I thought I’d share another mystery from these notes. Most of the reporting marks noted are very familiar but for one. Actually it could be two:

I checked the comprehensive list of reporting marks at:

I see a listing for CBL:

I also see a listing for CLBX:

I kept digging around the web and I see that both firms had reasonably sized lease fleets of cars and both included reefers in their respective lease fleets. The cars I have found in my notes so far are CLBX #1030 and CBLX #1199. So far here’s their history:

CLBX 1030 04/01/1973 Shops
1st RR
05/01/1973 Shops
CBLX 1199 08/01/1973 RMG

Off to the web and first looking in http://www.railcarphotos.com but no luck. As an aside, I see Ron Hawkins MDT and NRC shots appear in here too. I really must remember to email him to see what else he has. Well no luck on the mystery cars. Next stop is the Canadian Railcar Photo Gallery (http://freight.railfan.ca/). It’s another excellent website but this time no gold.

This third site (nakina.net) I’ve mentioned before and I can’t recommend it enough. It was here that things really worked out in a big way. I found this page:

And I quote from the above page for Can-Lease Produce Transportation Ltd:
“Offices were located in Toronto, ON, with home point for cars at Napanee, ON. Cars 1000-1099 were leased to P.E.I. shippers during Oct.-May of each year. Reporting marks were added 1/1972 and eliminated 7/1974.”

Below is a copy of the table from their page which effectively solves this mystery:

Number AAR Description #Blt In-Svc. Dates IL IH Dr. Cu.Ft. Bldr. Blt. Dates Notes
1000-1099 RS Reefer 100 1/1972-4/1974 42.0 6.10 6.0 2358 ? ?
1100-1299 RS Reefer 200 10/1972-4/1973 42.0 6.10 6.0 2358 ? ?

It seems that I have one car from both number series so far in my notes and their January dates fit in the middle of when these cars would have been in service. I haven’t been able to find any pictures of these cars. Given that the company only appears to have existed for two years it seems unlikely that they had these cars built for them. I wonder if they purchased these secondhand or if they themselves leased these cars from another larger firm like PFE? I’m going to come back to this.



  1. This reporting marks mystery is excellent, Chris. I live just over 20 miles east of Napanee. I know at one time there was a carbuilding operation located there, just south of the CN, and it’s now a recycling centre. I’m not sure if these reefers returned to Napanee physically, or if they just kept rolling. It is often difficult to find good historic rolling stock pictures online, especially of small fleets. Keep us posted if you find out more.

    I also liked the breakdown of reefers in your next post. The SF/PFE reefers were a long way from home.

    1. Thanks Eric. Now that’s curious about the railcar builder in Napanee. I’ve only just started to get curious about CLBX and was really starting to assume that their fleet were older cars. It would be neat to learn more about their fleet in general and now I’m really curious to see some pictures.

      You’re right about the PFE cars and the SF one. They are a long way from home and I can’t help but wonder if these cars would have been anonymous in that they could have arrived loaded (lettuce?) and departed loaded. My notes show them at DeBlois Bros which was a major food wholesaler on the Island which fits this thought in that they could provide both a place to load and unload.

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