The distribution so far

I’ve been keying in more reefer numbers and locations from January 1973 and thought I’d post a new table showing the distribution of refrigerator cars in Charlottetown.

Reporting Mark Percent of Total
CN 41%
MDT 37%
NRC 13%
PFE 2%
CP 1%

The CN fleet is still the largest with the MDT fleet a close second. Between these two firms this represents most of the reefers visible in Charlottetown in January 1973. Since I do this kind of reporting for a living I feel so compelled to write some footnotes around this data. The percentages above are based on what was where and not distinct car numbers. I’m trying to paint a picture, in data, of what the rolling stock landscape for Charlottetown should have looked like. If there were a hundred reefers, so far it looks like most should be CN and MDT with some others. As I collect N scale reefers for my own layout I’ll be applying a similar approach to design my model railway’s fleet.

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