Langley Fruit Packers

This is another of those things that I’m really curious about. “Langley Fruit Packers” is an entry in the 1974 list of sidings that I uploaded a while ago. It’s switch was numbered G-024-CF and it shown to be located at mile 25.0 on the Montague subdivision. The end of line for the Montague subdivision is, if I understand correctly, mile 25.6. I keep trying to find it pretty darned close to the station area but so far no luck.

This is where another question from the 1974 list comes to mind, that there is no reference on the list to the siding for the Fraser and Annear mill. Looking at the yard throat it would seem like all these switches were laid in approximately the same location. I have pictures of the siding in place and a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine related a memory of unloading feed trucks at the mill in the mid-1970’s. Given that overlap they must have had one.

So to start unravelling this one I figured I’ll start laying out what I know. Late last night I came across a business directory that listed Choice Fruit Packing with a bracketed reference to “Langley Fruit Packing”. I wonder if Choice owned Langley or Langley was a brand of some sort? Later in that same guide they also referred to Choice Fruit Packing later becoming Choice Tobacco. My instance of Mozilla crashed right about then and I lost the URL so I can’t post it here. All of this starts to really work well when you take into account how CN went about assinged switch numbers. The number was made up of a letter, three numbers and two letters. Those final two letters were an abbreviation of the shipper’s name. Imperial Oil sidings all end in “IO”. I wondered when I was keying in the entry for Langley why it didn’t use “LF” or something like that. The Langley switch is G-024-CF. Given last night’s discovery of the Choice relationship the suffix really starts to make sense in that it would be an abbreviation of Choice Fruit Packing. While this doesn’t get me any closer to figuring out where their siding was it does at least associate the shipper reference to a company that existed and in fact today still does, exist.

Funny part about this is that the Choice warehouse that I am aware of is actually south of the river down along the Wood Island Road about at the point where the new traffic circle was installed per this Googlemap:

So I wonder if it would make sense that they leased a section of track from CN for loading? Since there is no reference in 1974 list to the Fraser and Annear siding I wonder if these two are one and the same. Perhaps Choice/Langley only leased the front half of the siding?

I wonder if anyone waybills from any of this still exist. I only have reefer bills from Charlottetown and I know I’m lucky to have these. Wouldn’t it be neat to find that someone was just sitting on them down east in the hopes that someday they be valuable? I’d sure like to see some from the late sixties to early seventies to help understand traffic in and out.

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