More layout planning

I’ve been working some more on layout planning today based on that 1922 insurance map of the Montague Station area. I figured I’d share a shot of what I’ve got so far.

This is drawn with N scale in mind and the structures are still shown in full size with no compression and both are based on Steve Hunter’s excellent drawings. The dotted lines are spaced 1″ apart. As drawn here the scene is certainly getting smaller in size and closer to how big I want the finished scene to work out. I wanted to superimpose the 1″ grid over this plan to help me to see how much space I am using and also to aid in planning siding lengths. I need to compress the length of the yard if I want to fit in the turntable, and I do, so this plan will change again likely.

Also as drawn the front fascia for this plan is straight cut and I want mine to follow the actual river’s edge. I have a feeling that when I frame out the benchwork for this layout I’ll frame in the back and the sides and then just eyeball the fascia.

Click here to download a copy of the plan in 6″=1′-0″ scale.

I really want to build some track and I eager to get this all nailed down. This scene is about set in stone for me now. Now that I have it figured out in plan view I want to start to work on the elevations and grades for the area. I have some photographs of the area to help me with that. I think what I want to do is to approach this project as a series of modules with this one being the first one. There’s only the one turnout to build here and I think I’ll be able to get enough of this done in a short enough period of time that it will be fun to build and keep my interest without seeming too overwhelming.


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