Harvesting Mussel Mud in PEI

Okay, so I never expected I’d get as interested in this industry as I think I am getting but here I go again. All of this started with a photograph of a narrow gauge train on a wharf in Midgell, PEI. The train was being loaded with mussel mud. Then there was the sign along the trail I read last Sunday claiming that 50 to 60 car loads of the stuff was shipped out by rail during it’s harvest season. That piqued my interest some more.

This morning I found a neat set of web pages designed around describing this industry. I’ve only just started to go through them but there’s some great stuff in there:

The page linked above actually includes a link to a short video showing how the “dredges”, as I’ve taken to calling them, actually worked to shovel up the mud. Boy, it sure must have miserable work shovelling that wet mud in the middle of winter. Once again I remind myself of just how lucky I have it.

Finally, there’s a gallery including some neat photographs of these operations:

I love finding out about something that I really never knew anything about and I really enjoy it when that something is a part of the Island’s history and something that used to be such a major part of Island life before my time.

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