Mountain Model Imports On30 4-4-0

Given that most of the PEIR’s early twentieth-century locomotive fleet was made up out of 4-4-0’s being able to procure a decent one for my own layout would be a major factor for consideration for the move “up” to On30. Bachmann has a very sweet little 4-4-0 in their line-up. I’ve seen the model in person and it’s quite a sharp piece of work. Nice as it is though it isn’t exactly right and it would be nice to have one that is closer. I just saw this listing on the Mountain Model Imports (MMI) website announcing a new On3/On30 4-4-0. This one is based on a Baldwin prototype and it is the real deal. Just look at this picture:

Click on the picture to visit the MMI web page for the model

…and here, from the Picturing the Past site, is what we had on the Island:

Click the image to visit the Picturing the Past website

The model isn’t inexpensive but I’ve read favourable reviews of other MMI models and think this one might be worth saving for.

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