Georgetown, just to see it

I had a chance to run out to Georgetown this afternoon. I think it’s another of those Island towns that’s really worth the trip. Since I’d been leafing through some early twentieth century insurance maps for the town this week I really wanted to walk around and see what I could see and what landmarks that might remain.

Most of the railroad’s right-of-way is still visible and if seems to be maintained (well they’re cutting the grass along it anyway). I found a original culvert along Grafton Street dated 1947. I would have grabbed a picture but managed to forget my camera. The replica station is really sharp – I’d sure like to know why the builders chose to build it as a replica. The station itself is a restaurant and I’ve heard some great reviews. I saw Peter was in his shop and I regret not having enough time to visit.

Next time I’ll have to print off some maps from the railway’s narrow gauge era to match up. All of this has me inspired to return to the Archives this week too.

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