Fraser and Annear Feed Mill. More…

It’s a really small world sometimes and sometimes it’s even smaller than I think. It occurred to me that an old co-worker and friend of mine that I’d lost touch with might have a connection to the feed mill in Montague. It turns out that the mill was actually owned by his uncle. I figured I’d share some of the new things I’ve learned about the mill here. Rather than try to paraphrase I’ll just quote:

It was originally owned by Charlie Fraser and Jack Annear in the 40″s. Ralph took it over in 1958. Railroad track led right up to the business and unloaded railcars and augered grain into the mill.After unloading the grain, they would go up 200 feet and load potatoes. The mill was transferred to Douse’s Road in 1991. The mill by the railroad was tore down in approx 1992.

I thought the comment about loading potatoes was neat so I asked where that might have happened:

Not the mill, 100 feet away from the mill was another building for shipping potatoes.

I can think of two buildings that would be “about a 100 feet away”. One being the railroad’s freight shed and the other being a really curious little white building that has appeared in a number of photographs over the years. Most recently I saw it in the background of this sixties era post card:

the shed is along the river bank and is painted white...sorry, I know it's tiny

The building is tiny in that shot but it’s along the railroad right of way and it’s really small. Other shots I’ve seen of it show it to be rather small and have a pair of doors (pedestrian doors) on it’s front wall. I’m guessing a sectionman’s building more than anything else and the building that is being described above was the freight shed which would be much more practical for potato loading, both in location and size.

I’ll really have to call my friend’s uncle Ralph and talk to him. For all the neat railroad stuff I’m really glad to have looked him up.


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