St. Peters Insurance Map 1910 with coal shed

First jackpot in my “wonder if some towns had coal sheds” question. The Island Imagined Website Delivers Again could have been another great title for this post. The site had this plan (click the link to view the plan) revised to October 1910 and if you zoom in you can see a shot little siding and beside it a coal shed. Based on the map’s printed scale the siding should scale out to about 150′ in length and I’d like to think that a gondola of coal would be placed on this siding by a eastbound train and unloaded by hand.


This is the first instance I’ve found of one of these sheds in a small town along the railway that is railway served. I wonder if it was private or railway-owned? I’ve seen a lot of photographs of this part of St.Peters and I wonder if I dig deep enough could I find a shot that includes something on this shed? I’m pretty excited about this find and will be pursuing it further for sure.


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