Tignish insurance maps for 1893, 1910

After posting my last regarding coal on the railway I clicked over to the Island Imagined website. This project is digitizing a pile of historic PEI maps. In that site I found this great map for Tignish. This one has been “updated for 1893” and is easily one of the highest quality maps I’ve found of the railway so far. When this was drawn the railway was still narrow gauge and it highlights a number of neat details:

  • Covered station with train shed
  • Track names
  • Buildings are clearly marked

You could easily trace this into AutoCAD. Georgetown’s track plan for the same era feels very similar and I wonder if this was a standard terminal plan for the railway? I’ll add to my list the hope of seeing a streetside photograph of the train station. Allan Graham’s book contains a really beautiful shot of the engine shed and a train leaving the station if I remember correctly.

A little deeper into the same website returns this revised map for Tignish for 1910. The station’s layout changed dramatically. The turntable is new and the engine shed has been moved. The station is changed along with most of the other buildings. The freight shed is in the same location but most of the other buildings have changed. It looks like that, by this period, most of the sidings had become public sidings. The station remains a beautifully compact site and very layout worthy. I’ve never held much interest in the western lines but this map certainly makes a great case for this direction.


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