PEIR station plan no. 13 – plan view

This plan view is based on the excellent fire insurance map from the Island Imagined website. I have tweaked the footprint shown on that plan to match what I have for my elevations completed so far. I was really pleased that I was quite close in most dimensions given that I’m working with quite a lot of assumptions from what little I can find on these stations.

Here’s a screenshot of what I’ve drawn.

Not to scale - click link below for PDF copy in 1/4" = 1'-0" scale (22x36" sheet)

PEI railway plan number 13 plan view 48. Note that this is designed for a 22×36″ sheet. In addition to the actual dimensions I’ve also included the dimensions for 1/4″ scale as well to give you a sense of the size of this building.

The siding for the station actually runs through the station as shown in the drawing. The main line runs immediately behind the structure. I think this would make excellent fodder for a module.


  1. would you have full drawings of the Tignish train station? we are thinking of reproducing the original train station as a tourist attraction

    1. I don’t have a full plans set. What I have are the basic plans available from the Public Archives (PARO). At the time when the building was built, many buildings were not designed in as much detail as we would provide today. Let me know if I can help in any way. This sounds like a terrific project and I’m keen to learn more about what you’re working on.


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