PEIR Plan no.13 station – full set ready

This evening I drew the final two major elevations for this station and assembled the whole set, so far, onto one sheet of paper. Click here to download a copy of the sheet but be warned the PDF is designed for a full 36×48″ sheet. I would be more than happy to lay out the drawings in a scale other than the 1/48 that I plotted these to – just drop me an email or leave a comment below and I’ll post them.

not to scale preview - click on the PDF link above for 1/48 version

So far I’ve been working with a lot of assumptions to put together this drawing. I have a scan of a photocopy of the original architect’s proposal for the street view and waiting room end of the building and the aforementioned insurance map for the footprint of the building. The other two elevations are based on assumptions and some images I’ve seen of other similar structures on the railway during the late 19th and early 20th century. I’d really like some feedback about some details, in particular, that I know were just wild guesses:

  • I have assigned the title “Express/Freight” to the station-end opposite the waiting room. I assume that it’s shed roof terminated as I’ve drawn it but I have trouble believing that it wasn’t detailed better. Ideas?
  • The drawings of the elevations I have show a circular window over the tracks but the detail of it’s design is vague so I just came up with one based on a design I actually did for a client years ago for a real building.
  • The back wall of the building was drawn to best reflect the theme set forth by the streetside elevation but is mostly a guess. Ideas?

I have seen some photographs of the back of the original Charlottetown station and I’ll go back to those to try and get some more ideas for this drawing. Furthermore there are still a great number of homes from this period still extant here on the Island and I may try and conduct a little informal observation of their detailing to get a sense of other details that “should have been” on these buildings.

Let me know what you think. Ideas? Thanks.

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