Scribing car siding idea

Elsewhere on the web I’ve seen other modellers recommend using a scribing blade manufactured by Olfa:

Described by Olfa as:
“Heavy-Duty Plastic/Laminate Blade, 3-pack (PB-800)”

I’m going to buy some to try out. Normally when I scribe my own siding I simply use a straight edge and a pin held in my pin vise and mark out a million little dots on whatever I’m scribing. Then line up the straight edge and drag along it to scribe the line. All that marking out can be a pain (and yes, I realise that does sound like I’m scripting a TV commercial!) and my mind started to wander to other ideas. As I’ve mentioned before I’m a pretty big fan of printed templates and I tend to try and incorporate a number of them in my modelling. Then it hit me: Why not print out a siding template and tape that to a piece of styrene and forget all about ever marking out that sheet again?!

How do I see it working?

First I’d need to know what I’m scribing. I’ve always got a bunch of projects in my mind and half-finished on my workbench so what’s one more? I’d like to actually start a box car shell to further wade tentatively into the waters of modelling the PEIR in On30. I think I could base this car on the same premise of some other narrow gauge cars I have nice plans for already. From those drawings I could measure the exact width of the panelling. Then over to AutoCAD I could simply draw a hundred, or so, paralell lines on a sheet of paper. Given the magic of digital drafting I could actually space them correctly apart. This is new for me, usually I have to cheat a little depending on the accuracy of the ruler I’m marking out my sheet with – if the smallest unit is multiples of 0.5mm then that’s the multiple I use for my siding.

Once that sheet is printed off I could tape it to the top of a new sheet of styrene. Since we can’t scribe nicely “through” a sheet of paper I’d just cut the centre portion of the sheet out altogether leaving behind the ends of the lines still taped to the sheet. Then all I have to do is line up the straight edge and take that handy new Olfa blade and scribe away. This should work really, really well.

I’ll try this idea this weekend and post some more pictures to try and better illustrate the idea.



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