PEIR Flag Station Drawing

As I mentioned earlier, this weekend I had the pleasure of reading Gone to the Bay. The book includes a neat photograph of the flag station at Midgell on page 216. From the looks of that photograph it would appear that the Midgell station was of a similar design to many of the other PEIR flag stations. In addition to the photograph the book also offers these dimensions for one of these stations:

Platform: 100ft x 88ft
With a shed 20ft x 6ft and a signal standard: 20ftx6ft
The flag station at Ashton also had a tank house: 18ft x 18ft

The Railways of Canada Archives website includes an excellent article by Allan Graham titled “One Every Two and a Half Miles”. Page three of that article includes notes on the PEIR flag stations and a great photograph of the one at Travellers Rest.

Based on these two I put together a quick drawing:

not to scale - click the link below for a 1/4" scale PDF

Click here to download a PDF of this drawing. The PDF fits on an 8.5×14″ sheet of paper so not quite as major a printing job as the plan 13 station earlier. I’d happily post the drawing in any other scale, just leave me a note and I’ll get it up here to the site.

I have a couple of details that I’ll need to come back to for this drawing:
– I drew the platform at 8′-0″ wide when the book quotes it at 6′-0″ wide. I’ll fix the drawing.
– The picture of Travellers Rest shows a window or at least an opening on the side wall. I left this off but think I should have included it.
– I didn’t go into any detail regarding the platform. The Midgell picture from the book is shot in winter so there’s no detail to be had and the Travellers Rest photograph shows a platform raised above rail head height. There’s probably no standard and likely the goal here is to just develop something that will look right.
– The Midgell picture is quite dark and it’s hard to make out the colours. The Travellers Rest photograph shows quite clearly a two-tone colour scheme. I assume the colours are similar to the standard green and grey so elegantly displayed on the preserved Montague and Elmira stations. Thoughts on colours?
– The Travellers Rest station shows a peculiar siding design that I don’t quite understand. I think it should be a basic board-and-batten but it doesn’t look like every joint gets a batten. I included a section through the siding to help explain how I saw it. Thoughts?

Let me know what you think. Cheers.

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