National Archives Items

A search of the National Archives library has returned these items I’d like to have a chance to see. Now to figure out just how I do that from Charlottetown. Ideas?

Prince Edward Island Railway – Line from Mount Albion Station to Pownal, PEI.,1290691,1290516,1290043,1289850,1289836,1289810,1288572,1296670,1296500

Prince Edward Island Railway – Siding at Marie, PEI – Re Mussel Mud Business.,1290691,1290516,1290043,1289850,1289836,1289810,1288572,1296670,1296500

Prince Edward Island Railway – Douglas Station – Siding at to enable farmers to obtain mussle mud from St. Peters Bay, PEI.,1296446,1296338,1296205,1296004,1295343,1295334,1295333,1295144,1294642

Prince Edward Island Railway – Siding – Midgell, PEI.,1292338,1292274,1292252,1292206,1292145,1292113,1292064,1292061,1292044

I’m sure this is only the beginning of what could be found in the Archives.

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