St. Peters, PEI – 1910 map started

This is only a start but I’m working my way through St. Peters based on a 1910 fire insurance map found on the Island Imagined website.

not to scale

I still have some work to do on this one but wanted to start sharing it. I’ve included the coal sheds beside that neat siding and also the starch factory. I presume the coal shed was largely in place for the benefit of the starch factory and the siding’s location was just the closest the Railway could get to the factory without crossing the Presbyterian Church’s land. From what I’ve learned the starch factory shipped by rail too. I hope I’m not going out too far on a limb but I think think the little (150′ approx.) siding could have been quite busy with loads of coal for the factory as well as shipments of potatoes “in” and loads of starch “out”. Recalling the many times I’ve read of coal being shipped in box cars might it be reasonable to further assume that boxcars and the occasional gondola would have been the most frequent car types for this siding.

I wonder when the siding was removed?

When I get a few moments later I’ll get the rest of the buildings added to this drawing and then work further east toward the station. After that I’d like to start drawing westward toward Morrell. You could actually make a decent little layout out of this stretch of railway by including only the three towns: Morrell, Midgell and St. Peters. You’d add a fiddle yard to each end to store trains but the amount of online switching would be sufficient to keep it interesting and if that got boring, there was always the tea trains for St. Peters and Souris.


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