Marie, Midgell and St. Peters

Time for a little drafting this evening and I’ve put in a little more work on my mapping project to trace the PEIR west from St. Peters to Morrell. The only map I could find was in the 1877(?) PEI Atlas. While pretty detailed it doesn’t feel exactly correct in terms of trackwork. I figured I’d post a quick screenshot from AutoCAD here to share.

not to scale

Forgive the crazy colours, they’re just the layers I’m working with. This is the line so far, albeit pieced together from the 1910 fire insurance map for St. Peters to the 1877 Atlas map for Marie and Midgell. So far I’ve drawn to just the edge of Morrell. I have a fire insurance map for Morrell dated 1905 (I think) that I’ll be using as the foundation for my efforts with that town. While nicely drawn the 1905 Morrell doesn’t show much trackwork in the village. Peter MacAdam’s photo of Morrell shows quite a number of businesses, it would be interesting to find out when they started receiving rail service.

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