Montreal commuter DVD’s so far…

Good morning. Eric’s great comment on my earlier DVD post sparked a Google search to see what might be out there. I’ve found some DVD’s that would include commuter train footage and some that might really worth ordering. As I’d mentioned earlier, I’ve never purchased something like this and am not sure if it’s something I’d enjoy sitting down to watch. That said I do have a pretty decent TV and quite nice sound system so perhaps this option could get to feeling like a decent day railfanning – and frankly until I get a working time machine of my own this will remain my only option.

Highball Productions seems to have the greatest collection so far. From their website I found these titles:


Many things are gone from the Montreal rail scene. The big (and small) Alco’s and MLW’s, Via F’s, FPA4’s and LRC’s, commuter F’s, flags, open auto racks, cabooses and hooping up orders. This is a much requested redo of our very first program, Montreal’s Alco’s, completely re-edited with some never before seen footage. Taped around the Montreal area in 1988 and 1989, these are never to be repeated scenes of big Alco’s, every train, even intermodals, with a caboose, and most flying flags. Image quality is not as good as today’s broadcast digital, but you can’t go out and see this stuff!


Available again by request after several years, this is an older program shot in 1989 on older equipment, so the quality is not nearly as good as newer programs. However, the boxcabs and steeplecabs are long gone, never to return. These were the oldest locomotives in regular service on the continent, 1914 GE and 1924 English Electric Co. Boxcabs, and 1950 GE steeplecabs, with six axle heavyweight cars, and some 1952 EMU’s.

I don’t know how I missed that last one on my first pass of the internet for this kind of content. I think a video offering an hour of these electrics could be just what I’m looking for. I’ve been trying to collect as much as I can on Montreal’s commuter railroads and this looks like it fits the bill.


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