YouTube Newfoundland mixed train video

Ryan’s Fancy ..Tickle Cove Pond. Neat footage of a mixed train in Newfoundland. Check out this video on YouTube:




  1. i was thinking of you today when I found this listing on eBay: a June 5, 1916 Employee Timetable for the “Reid Newfoundland Co’y”. Here is the address for it:

    (Wow!! What a long address!)
    Looks like the timetable is in relatively good shape, but the current bid is a little too rich for my blood. Less than two days left for the listing.

    BTW: I am following your lead and building two small modules using foam board as a base. However my modules will HOn30″ and I am using some aluminum J-channel (sold for sheet rock/plaster board installations) around the edges to protect the foam boards from bumps and the like.
    Great blog. Can’t wait to read your next entry.
    Many thanks,
    Bud Griffin

    1. Hi. Thanks so much for the comment Bud. I really enjoyed reading your note. Thanks for the link to the timetable. I have chased a couple of similar ones to this one for the PEI railway but have not found one yet. I’m going to watch this one and hopefully it’ll find a home here in our house. I have seen some excerpts from similar timetables and they can be really fascinating insights into railroading during that period including lots of great notes to incorporate into how we operate our model railways.

      That HOn30 layout of yours sounds really cool. I like the idea of using the angle to protect the foam board edges. Neither of the two micro layouts I have underway right now have anything to protect the edges and they do get beat up easily. That said, I think foam core sheet is a terrific media for micro layout construction and intend to continue using it. I’d love to see some photos of your layout – do you have any posted online?

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