Paving begins

I’m working on paving my model now. I found some 3mm foam that I picked up at Great Hobbies back when I was working on that topographic model last winter. It compared nicely to the height of the Atlas flextrack I used on the module so I figured I’d use it to cover most of the surface of the module. I plan on most of this scene being paved with some structures with only a minimum amount of grass, trees, etc.

Since I was curious about the profile of the street along the tracks, and in particular, where the railway runs on a private right-of-way, I went off to Google images to see what I could find. I found these great shots on the Toronto Transportation Society website:

This first picture is taken on the Coxwell Loop:

The second is on the Bingham Loop:

And finally one at Woodbine:

All three are great shots of beautiful street cars but it’s the detail of the paving and the track that I was looking at, in particular. I expect to add sidewalks over top of my paving but it’s neat to note in the first shot, the Coxwell one, that the grass itself rests against a curb. With this detail in mind I may add in this curb along one area just to add in some grass.

With the foam now all in place I’m eager to start paving along the track itself. In the Youtube video that inspired this project:

Note around 11:00 minutes he starts his paving. I don’t know what he’s using but it sure looks a lot like DAS modelling clay. We have a similar product here, made by Crayola, and I’m going to try that. The Crayola, as with the DAS, dries to a light grey which will be nice should it ever get chipped – it really won’t look too much like bare plaster (no harsh white!)


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