Amalgamted Terminal redux?

It’s funny how sometimes we can’t shake an idea. A very long time ago I first started blogging about trying to build a copy of Carl Arendt’s layout plan titled: “Amalgamated Terminal”. We all have track plans that just stick with us and this one, and Cyril Freezer’s classic Minories plan represent the only two track plans that I’ve fallen so hard for.


Not that I’m ready to start anything new but I am sure thinking about Amalgamated Terminal a lot lately. Here’s the plan itself, from Carl’s website:

Click on the image to read more about the plan


Drawn above it fits inside a 6′-0″ shelf nicely. A couple of things about the plan that never sat well in it’s “as drawn” format were the use of the single-slip switch and also the small radius turnouts. The slip I could do without as they’re just not that common and can be quite expensive to purchase. The small radius turnouts just aren’t that friendly to coaches. But you could stretch it across two 4′-0″ modules. If built this way you could leave out the slip and maybe even indulge in some slightly longer turnouts. Maybe.


I’d sure like to come across a box of decent turnouts. The lumber I already have on hand. Perhaps this weekend’s trip to Montreal for the Canada Central Open House (last one!) will grant some decent used track to play with.


Mind you it would be fun to play with this plan in On30. Perhaps something along the lines of the Boston, Revere Beach and Lynne (America’s only 36″ gauge commuter railroad).


Gosh if only I could keep up with the things that distract me. Then again, it’s only a hobby.

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