Otter Loop PDF

Attached to this post is a copy of my PDF drawings for the TTC Otter Loop station. I was just reading an article that states that Otter Loop has since been knocked down, so it looks like this is now a “modelling the past” project. I think that’s a little frustrating.

Below are the drawings I came up with. Again these are based on the size of a typical brick and my ability to count how many bricks tall, wide, etc. the building is based on photos of the actual station. I never had a chance to visit the building and measure it. Perhaps a set of drawings exists out there somewhere?

Click on the above to download as a PDF drawn to HO and N scale

Since I posted the first screenshots I have tweaked some of the dimensions. I also noticed that I was missing the stretcher courses (bricks) so I have added those in. I think I’ll lay this out as a paper model too if anyone’s interested in downloading one.


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