N scale tramway track as panels

I thought about my track panel idea from earlier today and thought I’d work up a quick sketch using Sketchup to help visualize the idea. Here are the first two images.

I based this initial iteration on the use of rails removed from the standard Atlas brand 5″ straight track. As designed the rail rests in a groove in the panel. This groove is a little deeper than the groove cast for the flangeway and is used to keep the rail in gauge. Instead of designing in a clamp or spike to hold the rail in place I think a seam of CA glue run along the base of the rail will be more than sufficient to hold the rail in place. I drew in a gap to slide on a rail joiner at each end and also a place to attach feeder wires along the route.

The sketch is pretty plain. If I was going to all the trouble of producing this I’d probably have a texture along the paving. Perhaps the classic cobble stones, or even concrete as most of the TTC’s right of way is.

While drawing this I remembered trying a variation on this idea earlier using cardboard layers. I shared the idea with the late Carl Arendt and he was kind enough to include it in a post on his website:
http://carendt.us/scrapbook/page85a/index.html. There aren’t any anchors on the page so you’ll have to scroll down manually, but the article is tagged with my name and a photo of a test section I built and tried. That iteration worked so I’m keen to see how well this one does. Check it out.


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