N scale tram track – first production thoughts

So I’ve spent some time these last few days planning out how I’d go about producing my idea for N scale tram track. I’m going to proceed with a few test panels and I expect that the first test pieces I’ll have ready in the next few days. These first test pieces I’ll produce with a cobble finish along the surface and these will be designed with code 80 rail in mind to permit a generous enough flangeway for almost every tram and trolley I have in my little fleet.

Granted I’m thinking about this idea for purely my own use but I think I could venture into making some extras for others if there was any interest in what I’m up to. My material costs are going to be a little high – this is where living out here in Atlantic Canada really doesn’t work in my favour as I’ll be paying higher shipping in both directions. I expect that the track panels, without rails, could be manufactured for around $4Cdn per linear foot. All you’d need to do is paint and weather the panel and, of course, provide your own rails. The rail, again, can be sourced from any old length of Atlas code 80 flex track.

If interested leave me a comment. I’m going to make these up anyway. First I’ll get some straight sections done. Then some curves and expect turnouts not too far behind (as in well before the end of this year).



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