Some dimensions – resin tram track

In my previous two posts I should have included some basic dimensions that I’ve been using in that first model. Here goes:

  • Designed to accept rail from Atlas flex track. Would accept any code 80 rail with a rail base of no more than 1.5mm
  • Flangeway width is 1.0mm
  • Flangeway depth is 1.5mm

In the SketchUp! drawing shown in the previous post you can clearly see the inside faces of the flangeway protruding above the top surface of the paved area. I did this to provide enough depth to permit the addition of  a paving surface. I’ll be scribing some 0.5mm styrene with a cobble-like surface. Once glued into place these two raised strips will be almost flush with the actual top surface of the paving area leaving a 0.5mm gap between the top of the paving and the top of the rails – hopefully this is sufficient to clear most gearboxes, etc. This depth should also permit enough clearance so when the rails are being polished you aren’t accidentally removing paint, etc. from the paving area.

On either side of the rails I’ve provided 5.0mm space to extend the paving over. I’ll be adding cobbles here too.


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