NEW Carl Arendt Micro Layout Scrapbook page!

Last night I took some time a big mug of tea and I sat down and spent some very enjoyable time reading back through Glenn Corbett’s really enjoyable blog on his model tramway “Victoria Street”. What Glenn has achieved with Victoria Street is exactly what I’d like to achieve in my layout. I find everything about his layout to be inspiring and it’s high on my personal favourite model railways list. So take a moment and check his blog out – it’s really worthwhile:

In one of his posts he mentioned that a new scrapbook page had been added to Carl Arendt’s website:

It’s an excellent page and I think Carl would be happy to see it online. I’m among the many modellers who had the good fortune to email back-and-forth with Carl and I appreciated his interest in my experiments. The first time I ever saw anything of mine published on the internet it was an idea for a micro layout that he enthusiastically published on his website. It’s still there today and the article has outlived my own model. Here’s the link:

Scroll down about halfway on the page. The little layout was fun to operate and I never did make up a backdrop to hide the sector plate but it never really seemed to matter to me anyway.

Thanks Glenn for posting the link in the first place.


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