First Tram Turnout

I sat down today and did some drafting based on my first turnout idea. This is based on the same theory I’ve been playing around with for straight and curved track and per the photos and samples I’ve been posting here already.

Not really having any preference regarding radius I went with 140mm to match Tomix’s Fine Track range. This works out to about 5-1/2″ radius and should accomodate Bachmann’s Peter Witt trolley and Green Max’s Green Mover Max. I hatched in the single point blade almost exactly as I’ve built them before and placed the single blade on the inside of the curve. My one area of concern is around the frog and I wonder if I should open that area up a little more? The image posted below is not to scale. I have a PDF of this that I can email to you or just post to the blog if you’re interested in printing the drawing out to play around with. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

not to scale - Comment below or email if you'd like a PDF of this

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