Tramway Trails – check it out

I was just checking my email and I saw a note in there from WordPress notifying me of a comment on a blog post. I think it’s neat that you can track a comment back to it’s author and ultimately to their own blog in some cases. This evening’s comment is just such an event.

I thought I’d take a look at Tramway Trails and add a link to the blog over on my own links list for future reference. I see he’s just started playing around with the new Tomytec bus system and it looks, to me, like another vote to order some parts of the system for my own collection. I’m really looking forward to seeing how he gets along with the bus system and reading more of his observations. Why am I so fascinated with this system? I think it best to quote from his blog post on the system:

Once I’d figured out how to put the automatic stop together, it added a whole new dimension. The bus can be set to run automatically, stopping each lap for about 10 seconds, then moving off again. This left me to drive the tram, stopping to connect with the bus, reversing every so often – a good old fashioned play in other words!

Funny how afraid we are of that word “play” but I can’t think of many ways to enjoy the hobby that would be more fun than the scenario he’s described and that kind of joy is something we should all be experiencing in this hobby. Looks like it’s time to pop over to or Hobby World Japan to see if they have any bus system parts in stock. Perhaps I’ll just order a power unit and try fitting it inside a diecast bus from my own collection.

Thanks Jim.



  1. Thanks for the mention! Not sure the bus would work with a diecast body though – I’d worry about the delicate steering mechanism and added weight on the gears. Other plastic bodies would surely work though – Bachmann are in the process of bringing out a range of plastic UK buses. One is a Leyland National, which were exported to Australia, Venezuela and Jamaica.

    1. That’s great news about the Bachmann buses. I assume the are 1/148 for British N scale? I’ll have to head over to the Farish website to see if there’s any more information. Thanks!

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