Newcastle Haymarket-ish in N scale

Jim Frisby’s comment on a post brought to light, for me anyway, another excellent Ian Futers trackplan: Newcastle Haymarket. I took a look through Google but couldn’t find many references to it that included a track plan. I did see some shots of it at an exhibition, or at least a layout with a similar title. The layout I saw was in 4mm scale and appeared to be an extension of the theme I found so intriguing in the design of Oldham King Street but with the addition of a pair of sidings along the front of the layout. Since it’s easy enough to fire up AutoCAD and work up a sketch I grabbed some more Peco templates from my DWG library and went to work on the drawing I did yesterday for Oldham King Street to produce this:

The above drawing is hasty and would fine tuned if actually built but shows how a scene like this could be produced on a narrow shelf about 48″ long. This variation would really suit the operation of light rail vehicles or trams given the ability to stage extras on those two additional sidings along the front edge. The operational sequence here being the rotation of vehicles on and off the layout with some off-peak cars being stabled locally.

I think it has real potential…


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