Blacklade Artamon Square – Amalgamated Terminals

I’ve referenced this layout before and consider it’s plan and execution to by among my favourite layouts. Of all the layouts I was introduced to via the internet, this certainly ranks among my all time favourites. I discovered the layout on the forum. The Forum itself has undergone a number of changes and it’s been hard to maintain links to where the blog about the railway was kept.

So it’s with great excitement that I finally found some links that worked to show off how the layout turned out:

All the links above to and all were authored by the same gentleman so expect some overlap.

Blacklade Artamon Square is based on Carl Arendt’s Amalgamated Terminals plan. As drawn the centre of the layout is fully committed to a lot of intricate pointwork. If you can afford it I think the layout would be better suited if some of these turnouts could be replaced with a few more slip-style switches (e.g. double-slips). As with Ian Futers’ plans from earlier I love the way this plan remains true to it’s design and function while still offering so many different options for operation.


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