GO Transit Font Discussion online

I never expected to find as many articles about GO Transit’s font choices as I did when I keyed “GO Transit font” into Google. Here’s some highlights from what I’m looking at and reading through right now:

modular geometric decorative “GO” in GO Transit logo
from typofile.com
I love talking about typography and I love GO Transit so a whole thread regarding font choices? This was a “win” for me. Here’s a great quote from the opening post in that thread:

I remember seeing this typeface in an old Lettraset catalogue – which incidentally was exactly how the logo was created. GO Transit was started in 1967 by the government of Ontario (Government of Ontario Transit – get it? :) ) with a few used trains and a few stations. During the planning & start-up period the Ministry of Transportation’s art department “donated” cabinets full of old lettraset – probably all the stuff they had no intention of ever using. A secretary was given the task of coming up with a logo and… voila. Not bad for a company that obviously placed so little value in design at the time. :o).

GO’s font and accessibility from JoeClark.org
I’ve read before about the relationship between the type we use and it’s effect on legibility but I never considered it with as much attention as he has. The article linked above is really worth reading.


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