GO Transit font for decals

Tonight I’m going to try and get the artwork done for my N scale GO Transit decals.

The flags and logos are relatively easy to work up but I’m having some trouble with the font used for simple things like the road and class numbers used on the engines. My focus remains on the 1970’s to early 1980’s time period so I’m trying to draw on photos I’ve collected and the ones I know about online. I know I’ve seen a couple of different font faces used on their diesels over the years and, in particular, in their early years.

Take a look at these photos of APCU’s over on barp.ca:

I mentioned a second font and this GP40TC photo from the Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board really shows it off well:

When I used to do a lot of custom painting I was quite well schooled in what existed in the CDS catalogue and what I could use from what set to make up something that I couldn’t get otherwise. So drawing on that I instantly want to take the numbers and class letters from a CN set for the same time period. Since GO used the same engine classification system as CN this instinct would probably be quite close.

Any ideas?


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