Newcastle Haymarket – N scale tram terminal

It’s been a very crazy (i.e. stressful) day at the office and I just needed something to occupy my mind. Not that I really wanted another reason to spend more time in front of a keyboard but I did figure maybe I could just sit in front of the machine long enough to do something in AutoCAD. I find drafting really therapeutic which is nice when I just need something to do.

Since I’m still musing about Ian Futers-style of layout planning and I had my N scale tram track templates already done I figured I’d try out a minimum space version of his Newcastle Haymarket as a tram terminal. I did need to create a block for a wye turnout and I’m not sure how to design the point blades – any ideas?

Here’s what I have with some basic dimensions. Not sure where the overhead goes on this plan. Minimum spacing between the tracks is 1-1/2″. If you’d like, just leave a Comment below and I’ll post a full scale PDF of the plan you could print out. While I did draw this to build my own trackwork you could easily replicate most of this using Tomix’s Fine Track range for a minimal cost.

Categories: N scale traction modelling, Trackwork and Handlaid Track, Traction, Trolleys, and Interurbans

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