PEIR Baggage Car 104

Not to scale (draft)

Based on the work I’d done last night on baggage car 56 I thought I’d try working up a drawing of 104, again based on a drawing from Stanley LeClair’s book. The car end in this drawing is to the same, wider, width as applied to the last iteration of 56’s end as are many of the common details. I created a new side door for this car based on instinct largely and I also changed the width of the windows. Car lengths, etc. are sort of scaled from his sketch and compared to the truck wheelbase. To aid in this scaling I grabbed a Bachmann On30 passenger truck and used that as a constant wheelbase – it’s this same wheelbase that I’ve sketched in above as the truck centreline and wheelbase shown in the drawing.

I’m keen to work through a number of other cars from his book and will post them here. Before I get too much deeper into this I really want to settle on a set of “commmon PEIR details”, things like car widths, letterboards, etc. to develop a family look for all the drawings I create. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Happy new year by the way.


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