PEIR baggage car 56 – longer and wider

Thanks to the magic of AutoCAD I took my original drawing for the 56 and stretched it approximately two feet in length, adding this in to the left and right of the baggage door. I also widened the car’s width in line with the T&NR car I mentioned earlier. I like the look of the 8′-9″ overall car width but remain unsure if it’s “right”. Thoughts?

While drawing this I started thinking about how you’d make a model of this I kept thinking about that little caboose in Bachmann’s On30 line-up. The sides are wrong but the ends, roof, trucks and underbody are pretty darned close. With some Evergreen styrene you could quickly have a finished model of this car. I wonder if there are any on ebay right now?

Here’s a picture from the Bachmann website of their caboose to help illustrate this idea.

Click on the image to visit the Bachmann website for more information on this model


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