PEIR Baggage Car 56 – final draft

I’m still not settled on the overall width and think I’ll need to play around with this some more but I think this is going to be pretty darned close to my final draft for this car. I took the original drawing and stretched it further still based on the measurements Thomas Swinyard quoted in his report to the Canadian Government on the Prince Edward Island Railway. His dimensions were inside dimensions so I have added what I assume to be typical wall thicknesses. Note that the end that I have drawn is still wider than it should be but remains in line with the Toronto & Nipissing car end that I started with. Swinyard notes in his report that baggage, postal and similar head-end cars are actually narrower than coaches so I may tweak this end for my own modelwork.

baggage car 56

Click on the image to download a PDF copy - prints to 8.5" x 14" paper in 1/4" scale

I’d still like to settle the type face and size used on PEIR cars but think what I’ve shown is close enough for me. Mr. LeClair’s book shows the car painted in an oxide red colour and I presume that’s what I’d use.


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