PEIR freight shed minor update

Just tidying up the work bench from tonight’s brief work session. The sub-roof is in place now and I added in the corner boards. I tried my first pass at the freight doors and have decided that way isn’t going to work. I don’t have a picture of the freight shed door handy but the freight shed door is made up of two sliding doors mounted on the inside of the wall (it appears). Each door is panelled and the panels themselves are tongue-and-groove boards set at 45 degree angles. Starting with a sheet of 0.020″ thick, 0.025″ scribed siding I cut a series of diamonds. I had planned on building my doors on a flat core, adding the panels, then the stiles. The idea was a gem in theory but difficult to execute in the real world. I’ll have to think about those doors some more and try again later on tomorrow.

The model is really starting to look like a PEIR freight shed and I’m really keen to keep rolling on it. Have a great evening.

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