TTn3.5 rambling and the PEIR freight shed I’m building

I wish I’d grabbed some pictures to include in this post – I’m actually getting some real model building done lately. Over the past decade I’ve played around with models in TTn3 and I’ve been dabbling in it again. This scale and gauge combination uses the old 1/120 “TT scale” with N scale’s 9mm gauge track. The track gauge scale out very nicely to 42.5″ which is extremely close to the 3′-6″ that we used here on PEI and also in Newfoundland. Over the years I’ve built some rolling stock based on three foot gauge prototypes including a Rio Grande “3000 series” boxcar and a RIo Grande gondola. Closer to home I had some ASARCo. style ore cars I built too. I even have the chassis for a Newfoundland NF210 started around here somewhere and the tender for a White Pass mikado. While there is very little available commercially for TT, let alone TTn3 I find there is some potential in leveraging some overscale N scale items. My favourite of these items is Roundhouse’s N scale arch bar truck. It looks fantastic and is just about perfect in 1/120.

So about that freight shed. It all started innocently enough. I was in the workshop looking for something when I came across a sheet of Evergreen board and batten siding. The sheet is their part number 4542 and I purchased it a very long time ago. Since I only had the one sheet I’d always been hesitant to cut into it and frankly the size was just a little too large for N and still too small for HO. “I wonder…” I thought to myself remembering Steve Hunter’s beautiful PEIR freight shed drawing from Model Railroader magazine. Since I already had the PDF on my computer I rescaled it to 1/120 and printed off a copy of the drawing. I held up the Evergreen sheet against the drawing and it works out almost perfectly. Here I am now a couple of days later with the shed about almost three-quarters completed. The walls are cut out and the windows are in place. I have the major trims together and last night I put the thing together. Tonight I’ll need to get the corners finished and get the freight doors made and installed. I might try and get a sub-roof on it as well. I’m daydreaming of this being part of a Montague scene fashioned after that post card scene I purchased last year.

I’m quite pleased with the model so far and looking forward to seeing it as it nears completion. I enjoy the scale for modelmaking and I find it interesting that it’s quite a nice scale for modelmaking which is strange considering it really isn’t that much larger than N. I’ll admit the temptation to try and stick with TTn3 a little longer this time is strong and I’m really tempted to order an Athearn/Roundhouse 2-6-0. I’ve seen some photos online of the model and I think it could be a really interesting basis for modelling one of the PEIR 4-4-0’s. The model’s driver spacing is not equal and the spacing between the centre and rear driver looks really close. I’ve read that the model itself is a really nice runner and it looks like it too suffers from the “too large for N but maybe just perfect for TT” mentality I’ve fueled my interest with. Then of course, Bachmann has that little 4-6-0 whose driver spacing and general everything looks a lot like the PEIR”s CLC 4-6-0’s.

One thing at a time. I’ll get the freight shed finished first. Then maybe work on a coach or two. Then I’ll worry about finding something to pull it with.



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